Flexcamper converts Fiat’s tiniest van into a micro motorhome

Compact and maneuverable, camper vans offer some advantages over larger motorhomes and more companies are trying to build on those benefits by shrinking conversions down into mini-campervans. Germany’s Flexcamper takes it a step further, making a single-person mini-motorhome out the 152” Fiat Fiorino. It’s in German, but you’ll get the idea.

How does Flexcamper fit sleeping, cooking, eating and bathroom amenities inside a vehicle that small? By leaving one person behind and using some clever design elements. Many micro motorhomes feature rear seats that fold to create a two-person bed. The Fiorino doesn’t offer room for that, so Flexcamper works with an empty load area, adding a non-drive seat in back. Combine that seat with the folded front passenger seat and you have the foundation for a single bed that measures 98” long.

During the day, the tabletop pops out of the bed frame and mounts to a pedestal next to the seat, completing a cozy dining/work area. The wings that support the bed swing out of the way to clear the entry.

Flexcamper uses the driver side of the load area to house a narrow kitchen with a single-burner stove, sink, water system and storage space. Across the way, it slides in a little 1.8-gallon refrigerator between the end of the rear seat and the rear door. You’re using the sink for facewashing and brushing teeth and there’s a portable toilet mounted inside the driver’s-side doorway. A cover conceals the toilet when not in use.

Flexcamper finishes its conversion with floor paneling secured to the vehicle and furniture securing on top of this base paneling. Flexcamper adds insulated wall upholstery and window coverings to complete the functional camper cabin.