Dee Zee: Chad Hoover’s Overland Rig

Dee Zee Does It

Chad Hoover from Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) explains why Dee Zee is his go-to brand for truck accessories. Although he prefers to be in his kayak, Chad puts a lot of miles on his truck jumping between watering holes and Dee Zee’s products make it possible to haul all his gear.

Here’s a quick Christmas list of some of the products that went into Chad’s sexy beast of an overlander.

Overland Rack

dee zee rack

When outfitting your midsize truck to be overland ready, start with two Dee Zee Aluminum Cab Racks. Choose between using two open racks or a protective mesh front and open rear combo.

Cab Racks

You have the front cab rack and are looking to complete the look. Well you can by getting the Dee Zee Aluminum Rear Truck Rack. Now you have a full rack system with endless possibilities. From securing ladders or hauling kayaks to the lake, feel good that they anchored down to arrive at your destination. This will also free up the pickup bed to carry other necessary tools of trade.

Overland Side Rails

dee zee rails

Dee Zee Overland Side Rails were designed with versatility in mind. Complete the overland look for your midsize truck with the Side Rails to tie together Dee Zee’s front and rear cab racks.

Overland Top Rails

dee zee

Dee Zee Overland Top Rails were designed with versatility in mind. Complete the overland look for your midsize truck with the top rails to tie together Dee Zee’s front and rear cab racks.

MOLLE Panels

Make the most out of your overland side rails (sold separately) by mounting a Dee Zee MOLLE Panel for additional cargo options. The slotted Molle design gives you the ability to mount traction pads, water jugs, and other accessories securely.

Grab Handle

dee zee grab handles

Get a grip with Dee Zee’s Grab Handles to climb into your Jeep Wrangler JK. These convenient handles mount on the interior of the A-pillar or B-Pillar using existing factor holes. Manufactured from aluminum allows it to be sturdy and light weight. No drilling required for installation. Front and rear door applications sold as a pair. Fits JK models only.

In Bed Cargo System

The Hex Series In-Bed Rails by Dee Zee are designed to give you an unlimited way to make your pickup bed more functional. Made of extruded hexagonal aluminum, the In-Bed Rails can give you several ways to assist and accessorize.

Bumper Step

dee zee

Dee Zee’s Bumper Step will give you the help you need. No matter if you’re the individual that uses your truck for work or play. Sometimes you need help in reaching things in the bed of your truck. As trucks continue to get higher off the ground, the bumper step will give the needed lift.


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