Browns’ QBs Get Their Own Motorhome

At this year’s Cleveland Browns training camp, there are new players and a new vibe. But there’s also new addition at the facility, a quarterbacks’ motorhome.

The Class B model is now parked outside the team’s headquarters in Berea. It’s serving as a clubhouse for quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Drew Stanton and Brogan Roback.

“It’s just someplace you can go, you can get out of these four walls that start to close in on you after a period of time,” Stanton said on Saturday to the Fox affiliate in Cleveland.

Stanton brought the RV concept with him from Detroit. When the QBs got together in the spring, he proposed the idea and assigned the task to Mayfield. At first, the rookie thought he was joking, but he ended up getting the camper.

What goes on in the RV? By the sounds of it, mostly naps and TV. They might add video games later and Mayfield tweeted an upgrade is coming soon.

“There’s no secret meetings or anything going on. It’s not excluding anybody, everybody’s welcome,” Stanton said.

Joel Bitonio told reporters he may have the password to get inside and plans to go check it out.
“Any offensive lineman that’s protecting us has VIP access,” Stanton joked.