BUMO, A Greener Motorhome

One of the reasons why people like to use a motorhome is to get away from it all and commune with nature. So why wouldn’t you want to do so in an environmentally friendly motorhome like the ones made by BUMO. The following video is in German, but you get the idea.

The German family business is committed to the development and production of sustainable living cabins made of natural materials.

For example, the facade of the living cabins is made with larch wood, supported by a frame of aluminum or steel. Wall claddings made of renewable raw materials help ensure a pleasant room climate. A rainwater collection system provides filtered water. The vehicle has all the comforts of home including a compost toilet, and there’s an induction and wood stove on-board. Solar panels grab electricity from the sun, and the whole cabin is removable from the truck’s flatbed platform if the vacation is a longer duration.

BUMO offers three different floor plans. Nomad is the largest, featured in the photo gallery above, followed by the Adventurer with an over-the-cab section. Explorer is the smallest, and BUMO will offer a special deal as for the Explorer as part of the CMT trade fair in Stuttgart.

The 14.7’ by 7.5’ Explorer cabin features a large bed, a 39.6-gallon fresh water tank, a 26.4-gallon waste water tank, and an 18.5-gallon propane tank. BUMO will install it on a two-wheel drive Iveco Daily or on a four-wheel drive powerhouse.