German Motorhome Builder Frankia Goes Small in 2019

Frankia, a German motorhome manufacturer best known for its larger A-class models, is broadening its place in the market with a van conversion in 2019. Well-known motorhome journalist Alan Heath gives us a walk-through tour.

The firm, part of Groupe Pilote, has never offered a van-based motorhome before and has opted not to use Fiat’s Ducato as the base vehicle for its latest project.

The new model, expected to debut in the Spring, will be based on the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter instead. The Frankia van conversion will be a long vehicle for the class – approximately 23’ – and will have a higher-than average roof. The use of a larger base vehicle will permit a new interior layout and large windows will be used to give a feeling of space. The additional height will also permit a double floor in the rear with underfloor storage

An aspect carried over from larger motorhomes in the Frankia range is a rear lounge, but contrary to the norm for typical campervans, the lounge will convert into the main bed. Occupants sleep lengthways, so the Mercedes bodywork will not need any additions or alterations to accommodate the bed.

Additionally, the interior design will have a totally different, much younger feel than Frankia’s existing vehicles.