Fully Electric Campervan Ready for Market

The first purely electric campervan is market-ready and will be shown in Stuttgart at the CMT travel trade fair in January 2019. The e-camper is scheduled for market the same year. Known as the Iridium EV, the motorhome is the product of a cooperation between EFA-S (powertrain and batteries) and WOF (chassis).

Both German companies, ElektroFahrzeuge Stuttgart (EFA-S) and WOF, are located in Baden-Wurttemberg. While EFA-S has made a name for itself as a developer and retrofitter of passenger cars, trucks and buses into purely electric vehicles, WOF has been selling campervans throughout Europe since 2012 and offers upmarket campervans and motorhomes under the brand of Iridium. For this joint project, WOF contributed one of its tried-and-trusted wider commercial vehicle chassis, EFA-S contributed the drivetrain and battery technology, and the two companies commissioned the Swiss campervan manufacturer Maurer Fahrzeugbau to make the e-camper’s bodywork.

EFA-S have developed a drive solution for the e-camper that they claim has already proven its worth in UPS trucks. The core component is a synchronous motor including a control unit from Aradex. For the rechargeable batteries, the company relies on lithium iron phosphate batteries linked to the company’s own battery management system.

The Stuttgart-based company has also equipped this model with an integrated charger. This means that the vehicle can be charged anywhere: at conventional outlets, at wall boxes with up to 22 kW, or via a CCS connection at fast-charging stations with up to 50 kW. The company is not releasing charging times. According to EFA-S, the EV campervan has a range of 200 km, but the company claims that this will increase in the future.