Heatshield Products: Enjoy Your Firepit without Damaging Your Deck

Keepers of the Flame

With cooler weather comes the enjoyment of spending time next to a firepit for warmth and ambiance. Make sure that fire-pit enjoyment doesn’t ruin your deck or lawn with a Heatshield Products Deck Armor Firepit Heat Shield.

heatshield products firepit deck armor on lawn

Firepits radiate heat in all directions, including potentially damaging heat downward. That heat that can damage wood or composite deck surfaces, or kill grass and other growth underneath it.

Deck Armor is a heat-deflecting shield to be used under a firepit to protect decks and lawns. Made from Heatshield Products specially formulated Lava™ volcanic rock-based material, it is rated for up to 1,200 degrees F of constant heat with just 1-inch of airgap between the shield and the firepit.

It can also be used to protect deck areas from damaging heat generated by smokers, grills or other deck-placed heat generating apparatuses.

heatshield products firepit deck armor

In addition to protecting surfaces underneath the firepit, Heatshield Products Deck Armor Firepit Heat Shield also reflects more heat upward to increase firepit efficiency – that means more enjoyment.

The silicone fiberglass base protects the deck surface from staining, and when not in use Deck Armor can be rolled up and stored for easy storage or transport. Heatshield Products Deck Armor Firepit Heat Shield is available in three different sizes to accommodate most firepits.


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