Summit Racing: Wiring, Exhaust, and Hoses, Oh My

Wire it Up

Does your classic GM vehicle’s wiring harness need some help? Don’t like the commotion of open headers? Need help organizing electrical cords and air hose, perhaps? We have the perfect Summit Racing brand products to do all three tasks.

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Summit Racing Restoration Wiring Harnesses for GM Vehicles

If you need to replace or update the wiring harness in your classic 1960s or 1970s GM muscle car or truck, stay factory-correct with Summit Racing Restoration Wiring Harnesses. They have high-quality, factory color-coded wiring and the proper connectors to plug into your existing wiring harness with no modifications required. We have harnesses for:
• Fuel level sender
• Console
• Headlights
• Courtesy lamps
• Glove box light
• Hood light
• Reverse light extension
• Trunk light
• Horn
• Cowl induction

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Summit Racing Collector Mufflers

Our collector mufflers feature an aluminized stee louvered tube wrapped with T304 stainless steel mesh and glasspack material for sound control—well, as good as you can get with a collector muffler. They have a 3-inch diameter, three-bolt inlet that fits most popular headers, and a 3-inch turn-down outlet. Available with a black-painted steel or polished 304 stainless steel case, the mufflers measure 32 inches in length. We recommend these for racing or off-road use.

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Summit Racing Cord and Hose Hangers

Are your electrical extension cords, air hose, or garden hose hanging by their fingernails on a cheap screw-in hanger—or worse, sitting in a tangled mess on the floor? Our Summit Racing Cord and Hose Hangers are a much better solution. The black powdercoated steel hangers are available in two sizes: a 4-inch wide by 5-inch deep hanger for electrical cords and short lengths of air hose or a 6-inch wide by 6-inch deep hanger for long lengths of air hose or garden hose.


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