Summit Racing: More Tools for Your Garage Game

Box of Tricks

Having the right tools makes any job go smoother and you happier with the results. We’ve got three tools that will go a long way to doing just that.

Astro Pneumatic Tool Company ONYX TurboStep HSS Drill Bits

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Precision ground from heat-treated M2 high speed steel, Astro Pneumatic Tool Company ONYX TurboStep HSS Drill Bits are spiral fluted and have stepped tips to prevent bit walk and the need for pilot holes. Astro Pneumatic’s ONYX oxide coating helps prevent chip buildup. The bits are shorter than typical drill bits, making them stronger and less prone to breaking or shearing. Those features make the TurboStep HSS bits perfect for hard alloys, sheetmetal, and imperfect parts that are difficult to drill into.

Milwaukee Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets

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The lowly spark plug socket hasn’t changed much since it was invented back in who-knows-when. Milwaukee Tool’s Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets bring the tool up-to-date with features like optimized geometry to reduce rounding and a rare earth magnetic retainer to keep the spark plug in place as you tighten it and smoothly release it when you’re done. Precision knurling on the outside of the socket allows for better control when hand tightening or loosening, and there is an external hex at the base of the socket for a wrench.

Milton Texas Twister Air Hammer Pulling Kit

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Convert your air hammer into a 3,000 blows/minute pneumatic slide hammer with the Texas Twister. The conversion is simple—just snap the curved air bit into the collet of your hammer, install the bit of your choice, and hold the hammer in reverse and use your thumb to push the trigger. This Milton video shows you how the tool works.

The Texas Twister Air Hammer Pulling Kit includes:
• 20″ primary drive bar
• 6″ double male extension
• 20″ straight extension
• 7″ seal remover
• 7″ J-hook and reverse hammer
• 7″ universal flat blade puller
• 7″ axle puller/crows foot
• Two 2.5″ double female connectors
• 1/2″-20 thread connectors for use with 5/8″ and 3/4″ slide hammer bits and pullers


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