3 Great DIY Gearhead Holiday Gift Ideas from Summit Racing

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Holiday gift season is right up on us. If you’ve got a DIYer or gearhead on your list, here are some ideas from Summit Racing. Looking for a way to cleanly cut through all metals, keep your supercharged GM LS engine’s harmonic damper in place, and a way to take your tools on the road with you? These new products that can help solve your problems.

Evolution Powertools 14-Inch Metal Cutting Chop Saws
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Chop saws are the workhorse of the home fabrication shop. These Evolution Powertools 14-Inch Metal Cutting Chop Saws easily slice through steel plate, square tube, angle iron, pipe, and tubing and leave a smooth, burr-free finish. Features include:

• Durable cast steel vise
• Quick-release chuck for fast, secure clamping
• 0-45 degree miter capabilities
• Easy blade change with integrated tool storage
• Includes 14-inch diameter, 66-tooth mild steel cutting blade

Summit Racing LS Damper Pin Kit
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Superchargers can significantly increase the power of your GM Gen III, IV, or V engine. That is, right up until the harmonic damper slips on the end of the crankshaft due to the increased drag from turning the supercharger pulley.

Summit Racing’s LS Damper Pin Kit has everything needed to pin your harmonic damper to the crankshaft to end slipping once and for all. The kit includes a steel drill sleeve fixture to accurately drill two holes in the damper and crank snout with the included six-inch cobalt drill bit. Also included is a tool hold-down bolt and four 1/4-inch diameter dowel pins.

The Summit Racing LS Damper Pin Kit works with all non-keyed GM LS and LT engines with OEM and aftermarket harmonic dampers. Not for use on LS7 engines.

Summit Racing Roll Up Tool Bag
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Never hit the road without your tools again with a Summit Racing Roll Up Tool Bag. This hard-wearing nylon pouch unrolls to expose three large and two small zip pockets to securely hold your tools. The pouch can then be rolled back up and secured with the two sewn-in adjustable latches to form a snug, compact shape.


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