Rivet Stuff, Hold Up Your Hood, and Crimp Weather Pack Connectors with These New Tools from Summit Racing Equipment

Crimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Summit Racing has some new tools to help you be the best gearhead you can be. They have a handy pop rivet gun to assist with your fabrication jobs, a hood prop that, er, holds up your hood while you’re working and wire crimpers that securely connect and seal GM Weather Pack terminals to wires.

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Titan Poly Rivet Gun Kit

Just the right tool for fastening door panels, trim pieces, and more, Titan’s Poly Rivet Guns’ self-adjusting jaws rivet perfectly in a single stroke. It’s compact to fit where lever-type rivet guns can’t, making it ideal for working in tight spaces. Additional features include:

• Ergonomic design for one-handed operation
• Never requires nose piece adjustments
• Will not cause damage to painted or delicate surfaces

The Titan Poly Rivet Gun comes with 40 polyoxymethylene (POM) rivets packed in individually labeled polybags. You get ten each of 5mm x 15.8mm, 5mm x 17.5mm, 6.6mm x 17.2mm, and 6.3mm x 25.2mm rivets.

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EZ Red Monster Hood Props

EZ Red Monster Hood Props are the only props strong enough to hold heavy hoods, trunks lids, and rear gates while you’re underneath them. The double-locking design makes sure the props stays at the length you set it. Additional features include:

• Thick wall tube construction
• Safety button lock
• Special guide channel ensures button lock lines up every time
• Secondary clutch lock for added safety

The EZ Red Monster Hood Props are available in versions that adjust from 23 to 40 inchesor and 25 to 60 inches for use on virtually any vehicle.

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Astro Pneumatic Tools GM Weather Pack Crimper

The Astro Pneumatic Tools GM Weather Pack Crimper is a cut above other crimpers on the market because it’s built to work with 12-gauge wires and will crimp both male and female terminals. The heat-treated parallel jaws are super narrow for extra-tight and precise crimps, besting the ASTM pull-out force benchmark by 1.5 times the rated standard.

With six crimping zones (four for AWG22-12-gauge wires and two for Delphi 150 and 280-type seals) the Astro Pneumatic Tools GM Weather Pack Crimper does the work of larger and more costlier crimper kits in one much less expensive tool.


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