Extang Xceed Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover Installation

Xceeding Xpectations

Installing a hard truck bed cover protects the bed from any random debris and miscellaneous crap while not in use. And real talk: there’s A LOT of random crap flying around this year. Look at a Magic Eight Ball; all you’ll see is poop emojis. But I digress. The year may suck but installing said truck cover doesn’t have to. Follow along as Extang shows you how its done.

Extang’s Xceed is a flush-mounted, seamless and secure hard folding truck bed cover. The hard-folding cover offers full bed access when open, and adds a seamless and polished look to your truck when closed. Xceed was precisely engineered by Extang to provide excellent coverage while ensuring maximum security and ultimate style.


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ABOUT Extang Truck Bed Covers®

Extang leads the industry with outstanding engineering and design. Extangs high quality, soft vinyl tonneau leads the aftermarket truck accessories categories by delivering lasting benefits and no damage to the pickup truck. They set the standards and lead the industry with a “No Damage, No Drilling, Clamp-On” truck bed cover designs and technology. The product lineup: RT tonneau a Roll Top Truck Bed Cover with a full tilt heavy duty hing, Classic Platinum is an all climate truck bed tarp cover, Black Max is an all black tonneau, Tuff Tonno, Tool Box tonneau truck bed covers, Cargo Max utility box full tilt tonneau, and the Saber tonneau featuring the world’s strongest pickup truck tarp cover attachment. If you are looking for the perfect accessory to your pickup truck make sure to view the extensive Extang tonneau truck cover product line at www.extang.com.