E3 Lithium High Performance 12-Volt Automotive Battery

E3 Spark Plugs Charging into 2020

Maker of spark plugs and ignition racing products, E3 is launching its entry into the 12-volt battery market in 2020 with a high-performance lithium-ion battery.

E3 Lithium High Performance 12-volt automotive battery at SEMA 2019

The brand-new batteries use racing-derived UltraPhosphate technology, which previously was only available to OEMs and Formula One teams. E3 is fired up about its new batteries, and said they could be the last battery you’ll ever need to buy for your vehicle. Here’s the video with E3 Spark Plugs announcing the upcoming E3 Lithium High Performance 12-volt automotive battery at SEMA 2019:

E3 will start off by offering 60-amp-hour and 40-amp-hour configurations in first quarter of 2020. The DOT-approved batteries are designed for performance vehicles, both on and off road, hybrids with regenerative braking, and race vehicles requiring a faster charge time and less battery weight.


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The spark plug is a critical device that supplies the spark (or flame kernel) for your car, truck, motorcycle or small engine. However, the basic plug design really hasn’t changed that much since the original ones used by Henry Ford back in 1904. Our company was formed to find a better design that would provide E3 customers with performance advantages such as increased power, improved fuel efficiency and a reduction in hazardous engine emissions that can contribute to global warming.
Today, E3 remains dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the amount of unburned fuel.