SONAX USA Wheel Cleaner PLUS

Now 30% Stronger

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus is the latest formulation for fast and effective removal of stubborn brake dust and road grime. Because it is acid-free, Wheel Cleaner PLUS is safe for use on all wheel types and will not damage or corrode wheel bolts.

SONAX USA Wheel Cleaner PLUS

How to Use SONAX USA Wheel Cleaner PLUS

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus is 30% stronger than the previous formula in SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect. Evenly spray onto cool, dry wheels from a short distance.

SONAX USA Wheel Cleaner PLUS

Allow the cleaner to work for 2-4 minutes. On contact with the wheel, the product changes from clear to a deep red, revealing its full cleaning power. If necessary, a soft brush or the SONAX Wheel Rim Brush can be used to manually aid with deep cleaning.

SONAX USA Wheel Cleaner PLUS

To finish, rinse the wheel, tire and brake system thoroughly with a strong water jet or high-pressure water.

SONAX USA Wheel Cleaner PLUS

SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS Attributes:

• 30% Stronger than SONAX Wheel Cleaner full effect
• Acid-free and pH balanced, Environmentally-friendly formulation
• Sprays on clear, turns red as dirt & grime is penetrated
• Safe for use on wheels: aluminum and alloys; painted, anodized and clear coated
• Price: $20.99 for 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz.)

Sonax USA at SEMA 2019

Sonax had the Wheel Cleaner PLUS at SEMA 2019 along with many other Sonax products, including a new, stronger cutting compound that is expected to be available in the USA by the end of this year.

Find out more about both of these in the following video:

Video | Sonax USA at SEMA 2019


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Sonax has been making premium car-care products in Europe for more than 50 years. Sonax began in Germany like so many of the best car care products in the world. The company began by making a silver polish from an extremely fine mineral, which eventually led to its first car polish. Today, Sonax has car waxes, interior and exterior cleaners, tire gels, paint cleaners, auto shampoos, and more.
Sonax was one of the first car-care companies to pro-actively develop environmentally friendly products and they are on the leading edge of nanotechnology.