A Cabriolet Motorhome

At last week’s CMT show, manufacturer Skydancer held the world premiere of its production cabriolet motorhome, the Apéro.

The motorhome looks nothing like the Fiat Ducato that serves as its base, rolling highways as a bright-white motorhome with retractable roof and space for four people.

If you were expecting a sleek, curvy two-seat convertible, with the Apéro, think again. The front is a little boxy for some people’s tastes, but overall, we still think she will appeal to a large crowd.

The interior is what the Apéro is all about. The highlight is the electrically operated retractable roof that can open during driving as well as at standstill, creating a breezy open-air sitting area to be enjoyed both on the highway and at camp. With its four seats and folding dining tables, the area is an airy driving cockpit or open-air dining deck, campground lounge and night-sky observatory. The driver and front passenger seats swivel around when the engine is off but automatically lock into forward-facing position when the ignition turns on.

From this upper driver deck, occupants walk down a short set of steps to the lower living area, also accessed via a side door. The main 79 x 55-inch bed is raised up at the rear and surrounded by windows on three sides. The centrally located bathroom includes a toilet, fold-down sink and shower, while the kitchen block between the doorway and bed houses the gas stove and sink. A fridge/freezer hangs opposite the main kitchen block. The driver-cab seating group converts to a second bed to bump total sleeping capacity up to four.

The Apéro comes standard with a gas Truma Combi heater/hot water boiler, fresh and waste water tanks, leather driver-area seating and trim, and a rear garage large enough for bikes or scooters.