Check out Mauck’s One-of-a-Kind Motorhome

It’s an out-there theory, but some people think the custom-motorhome market is a good indicator of the relative health of the economy and one of the most custom units of the late 1990s was the Mauck MSV. Here’s a video of one that was sold a few years back.

Produced as part of a limited run in 1998, the Mauck MSV’s specs remain impressive: spaceframe chassis, dual A-arm air suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, a limited-slip differential, and a supercharged 8.1-liter engine. The coup de gras is the jaw-dropping dihedral-hinged gull-wing doors.

Pretty exotic stuff compared to grandpa’s Winnebago, and, as you can imagine, they weren’t exactly cheap when new, costing upwards of $200,000. Back in the heady days of 2007, a previous owner invested over $800,000 into the RV, driving it just 5,000 or so miles since. That represents a relative bargain for the new owner, who, amazingly, has two other Mauck MSVs in his personal stable.

Only about 100 Mauck MSVs were produced by the Worthington, Ohio-based firm from 1996 to 1999. The exclusivity and high-tech vehicles attracted several high-profile celebrities to the road-tripping machine, from country star Alan Jackson to boxing champ and grill magnate George Foreman.