Souping up a motorhome with a GM LS V-8

There may be no better vehicle in which to trek across the country than a vintage motorhome. The classic styling and the all-shades of brown paint job may make you look like the wayward adventurer, but they also hide the ultimate sleeper.

The crew at Fuel Injection Sucks found a perfect way to ensure their 1976 Winnebago would improve the road-trip experience by installing a GM LS small block engine.

This 1976 LS swap featured a Winnebago motorhome constructed on top of a Dodge M400 chassis. This motorhome originally came with a 440 cubic inch Mopar V8 mated to Chrysler’s A-727 three-speed automatic transmission

The owner of our Winnebago felt that the engine in his motorhome was tired, so he decided to install a 6.0-liter GM LS2 engine mated to a 4L80E automatic transmission into the vehicle. The engine is 1.2-liters smaller than the big block that it replaces, but from the factory it makes 300 horsepower at 4,400 rpm and 360 pound-feet of torque at 4400 rpm, reaching redline at 5600rpm.

Of course, the team at Fuel Injection Sucks determined that the LS engine installation wasn’t enough. They added a turbocharger and documented the swap on their YouTube channel.