A Motorhome with a Kennel

Sometimes a fully loaded motorhome means you have to leave your four-legged hiking buddies home, but German motorhome shop 4pfoten-Mobile (4 Paws-Mobile) makes sure that never has to happen again. Its Dog-Liner T 730 motorhome gives canines large and small a dedicated space all their own, making the ride in the motorhome safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable for both dog and owner.

Based on a 24-foot (7.3-m)-long Fiat Ducato, the Dog-Liner T 730 sleeps four and has some canine-focused features. Just behind the rear axle, 4pfoten has converted some of the storage space to create a dog kennel sized big enough for two large dogs. Getting in and out is easy thanks to the retractable entry ramp.

Once inside, dogs enjoy the ride on a padded dog mat that lines the kennel floor. The included 1.5-quart water bowl keeps the pups hydrated and its non-slip design reduces spills. The kennel area also includes an exterior window, so the dog can look outside. On the adjacent wall, the interior doggy door makes it easy to let the dogs into the rest of the motorhome interior. A sliding gate on that door lets the dogs stay connected to the rest of the family even while they are in the kennel. The exterior door has a similar gate.

The Dog-Liner T 730 also includes a pair of vehicle-mounted rings just outside the exterior doggy door for quickly securing a leash or two when letting the dogs out. When it’s time to let them back in, the owner can connect a hose up to the water hookup just inside the doggy doorway and clean dirty paws before the dogs hop back aboard.

The customized dog-friendly package also places a camera on the kennel, letting the owner monitor the dogs from the multimedia display in the driver cab. A pair of safety buckles just behind the cab allows the owner to secure dogs with a harness, should he or she want them to ride up front.

For people, the Dog-Liner T 730’s cabin includes a front dinette area and a central bathroom with separate toilet/sink and shower areas. The L-shaped kitchen has a triple-burner gas stove, gas oven, sink and tall fridge/freezer.

The motorhome sleeps up to four people on the fixed 55” x 75” rear bed above the kennel area and the convertible dinette, which transitions to a 55” x 87” bed. The cabin has heat and air conditioning and a 100-watt solar system helps to keep the battery charged and electrical system humming.