An RV You Can Drive on the Water

It may not be new, but it’s not every day that you see a 42’6” long amphibious RV drive down a launch ramp at a local lake or river and plunge into the water.

First launched in 2003, the Terra Wind is an amphibious RV that can be driven on land and then driven into the water and piloted as a vessel. It’s made by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, which builds myriad amphibious vehicles, including tour buses and search and rescue vehicles.

The Terra Wind looks like a luxury RV, but is designed with an aluminum hull and is engineered so that it won’t be top-heavy once in the water. It is designed for fresh-water use on a lake or river and it has a draft of 3’6”. With twin propellers, it has a top speed of seven knots. The stern has a carpeted platform with folding stairs that make it easy to reboard after a swim.

For marine use, the Terra Wind has navigation and anchor lights, a joystick for steering and a rudder position indicator. There are three zone bilge pumps and an automatic fire suppression system. It even has a power windlass for the anchor and recessed cleats. CAMI will add outriggers so that the slideouts can be used on the water and the company will build a floating trailer that can haul two golf carts.

Inside, the vehicle has teak tables, two captain’s chairs, a built-in navigation system, teak cabinets, granite countertops, marble floors and residential size appliances. The master bedroom has a 12” thick mattress and plenty of windows to let in natural light and provide great views. The bathroom has marble flooring, a Thetford one-touch toilet and an eight-jet tub and shower with sliding glass doors and glass accents.

Or you can just jump in the lake.